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I only just started drawing again, myself, after some health problems started over a year (or two?) ago. It's hard to believe you'll get better knowing you've actually gotten /worse/, but artists like you and Harumi (and, embarrassingly, a soap opera character) make me want to draw again. We all just have to stick together and support each other! What matters is that you should enjoy art. It shouldn't ever have to feel like a chore; I hope you like /your/ art, &/or art in general, again soon. ♥

its very true!! i`m happy that i make you wanna draw, thats really flattering, to be honest qwq and there is nothing embarrassing in liking and being inspired by soap opera characters too! thank you a lot for letting me know that, i`m sure that after some time you and me will achieve level of art that we wanna have, and everyone will be happy then. we just have to work, and believe, i think. and i hope so too, hahah.

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I'm sorry to hear that; the one thing that truly sucks about being an artist is being unhappy with your art. I just want you to know how much I adore your art - the style is just so unique to you, and I love seeing your art on my dash. ♥

thank you, dear anon image you are really nice to me! and yeah. i hope i`ll be over that anytime soon. anyways i dont have much to do other then work harder and then probably i`ll like my art back

im not happy w my art in general and with my style last time >:|
maybe its just autumn cause of this. i dunno. sighs.

my classes are starting tomorrow, so because of studying i`ll probably be posting not so fast as usually. maybe. we`ll see, hmm

Anonymous said:

OMG you drew the opossum :D Thank you so much.

you are welcome, dear anon! uwu

there were two more requests, but they were made after i did post in which i said that i already had five requests and im lil tired to draw any other requests, so sorry, babes!! maybe some other time when i`ll be taking requests, we`ll see qwq


i`m planning on starting doing commissions some time later, how do you guys think, how much should i charge?

still relevant, cuz i got like. two messages, and one of them i posted. sso yeah.

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