✍ Kurloz Please? :o)

already drew him but Oh Well

✍ Nepeta??? O:

✍ Aradia Megido! c:

✍ Cronus?

just in case tho, if any of you peeps wants to write this person anything rude - please, dont. maybe they wrote this comment on comedic purpose, which doesnt excuse that, but, after all, we all make mistakes!



i am afraid you misspelled “fuck yes”

and if seriously, what is point on adding comment like that on anyones work? it doesnt matter if this drawing was made just for lolz or not, there was still time, energy and effort waisted on it, and if you supposedly dont like pairing that is depicted, why reblog it at all?

i lovve your art an i lovve you

aw, thank you, dan, i like you a lot too, and your moons art is hella!

alright guys, i gotta go sleep, so if you have any other suggessions for that shitty paint challenge just drop it in and i`ll look at it tomorrow!

✍ eridan of course !

okay I take that back you did fuck her up, I'm proud.

yeee, i succeeded!  i put extra effort in it, piece of my soul, id say, so im proud of myself, too :„)

✍ Kanaya (it'll be hard to do since she's so fantabulous that no one can fuck her up)

✍ kurloz !! :o

ah yes, the bone guy

✍ sollux captor B)

he went

✍ karkat vantas? :^)

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