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all the amporas "glub" when they laugh

ahhh thats so cute! eridan would probably be embarrassed of that, heheheh

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basically eridans the small+chubby end of the amporas while cro an dualscar are all tall and muscley. this makes eri really upset and sometimes he gets all flushed face and stomps around at cronus when he makes fun of him for it (which is very often)

aww, dear anon, we are headcanon buddies then!! image

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Hey, guys, maybe you`d tell me some of your Amporas headcanons? Not saying that im gonna draw them, heh, but it would be hella interesting to read!image

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If you accept requests, here's an idea; I have this headcanon AU where the Lalondes were 'born' (ectoborn?) blind, and so must rely on walking through the world barefoot, sensing the world through their naked soles. Please draw anything around this concept <3

i dont, actually, but dang your AU is interesting! so here, have a lil doodleimage

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also a lil sketch of nep cuz idk. pallete is cute and nep is cute

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how does your art not get more notes?? You're amazing!!

oh, wow, thank you for nice words! but my art does gets a lot of notes, hahah, sometimes much more then i think it should, and also so much of awesome people follow me, so everything`s just fine image

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everything for you, bae

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alright, i got 5 requests for pallette thing, thank you baes! i like all of reguests, they are gr8

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I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

ahhh, those are really pretty! i`ll do that one challenge as well but i`ll take only five requests, heh

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(originally zoestanleyarts / via treescab)

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whoa! thats a lot of you, people! heheh
thank you all, you are all rad baes, and hello, all new followers image

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Hey, hi, guys, i track tags sometimes and noticed that latest dan that i drew was tagged as genderbend, and, well, he is not - he is just chubby. I dont draw genderbends, just dont find them interesting, plus i dont think that having curves automatically means that character is female, as well as their lack means that they are male! There are absolutely different bodytypes headcanons out there, and i happen to headcanon dan as chubby and short. I have few others body headcanons for him, as well as for others, but i`d say that this is one of my main.

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